Dawna, 70 in Pinellas County:
My hubby and I are both 70 and have not been able to find any TP at all. Although I am healthy enough to go out searching, he is a heart patient and has had a triple by-pass. Four rolls would hold us for quite a while. We appreciate the offer.


Barbara, 70 in Tampa
We have tried to purchase Toilet tissue for 2 weeks.We don't want it hoard but we do need some.Mom is 91 an I am 70. Its hard for us. We have been lucky as we had 4 rolls when all this started.


Lisa in Bellaire
Working in a hospital I don't have the best hours to shop. Seems I always just missed it. I am resorting to Kleenex and napkins.


Jackie, 81, Largo
three time cancer survivor. recent melanoma. trying to avoid exposure in crowds.


Ernest, 69, Seminole
Thank you to BathMasters. In these times we have been all caught off guard and this is of great help.


Deborah, 52, in Tampa
I have been looking for to for 2 weeks. I've waited in long lines even with disability just to be told sold out! Anything is better than nothing. Due to nature of my job I'm still working pr to help the economy and wish the economy to help me out a lil.


Millard, 72, Seminole
My wife and me have been trying to get toilet paper for about three weeks now but she can't fine anything. I have surgery on my leg at the Tampa VA and cannot get around to much as I am in a wheelchair and walker.


Helen, 53, Tampa
My name is helen I'm disabled and in a wheelchair i live alone and have nobody to help me I'm home bound and some toilet paper would be a Blessing to me i have been using old rags. I seen you add on tv. If someone could deliver me some toilet paper to my house i would really appreciate it. Thank You

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